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Mystical Places press

Meadow Rock

Because I was a printmaker before I caught the book making passion, I have a number of prints in storage under my bed. One I have one framed in my bathroom titled "Meadow Rock". One day I decided to make a book out of it. I thought a "flag book" structure would be intriguing way to showcase the print. Due the limited run of the original serigraph prints this is a small edition of 25. Comes with duo-tone matching clamshell case for a unique presentation of a typically 2 dimensional media. The meadow rock image is a hand pulled serigraph printed in 8 colors on archival printmaking paper by Jill Timm. The end sheets and the concertina hinge paper is Elephant Hide. The book measures 2.5" x 7.5". Edition of 25.

Book price with matching case is $210. Only 2 left.