Miniature Books
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Custom Work
When you need something special...just for your needs.

It was a surprise birthday gift from husband to wife. He had sneaked a batch of his favorite photos of important people in her life. I created a miniature photo album. She was blown away! She still talks about it years later.
Weddings are special! The guests are special. They wanted the guest book to be special. It had a place for a photo of the bride and groom in the front. Then pages for guests to write their good wishes. All done in their favorite colors. Made to last forever.
He had a batch of photos he wanted to put together in a book, more than just an album. He saw the cover/case paper in a store and requested I use it, but left the structure and book design up to me. I loved the freedom and he loved the end results.
She wanted a blank book made from drawing paper for her sketches. She wanted it to be little, but wanted to have some sketches bigger than just one page. With the accordion folded pages she can make sketches as long as she wanted.

I can make most anything you want, prices are based on time and materials. Let's talk about what you might want or need.

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