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Artist Book Archive - One-of-a-kind Books
Books that have been sold out (a sampling).

Edition Books 2004-2007
Edition Books 2001-2003
Edition Books pre 2001

Beach Box
The Beach Box
Sand and sea shells sealed with Plexiglas, box sides with expanding images of the beach life.
The Himalayas
Images are printed on the Himalayan handmade papers. The book unfolds with 9 panels.
Pink Haiku

Pink Haiku
A one of a kind scroll book with handmade paper.

flower book

Flower Windows
Real pressed flowers show through the windows on each page.

Instead of a Book
Binding and clamshell case for pages by Stinehour Press.

Cedar Swamp

Cedar Swamp
Leaf prints made from sun sensitive paper

Wild Wings
Wild Wings
A pocket book with fall scenes of wild foul.
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Stamps with Japanese calligraphy with overlays of the English translation.