Miniature Books
©1996-2013 Jill Timm
Mystical Places press

Potted Gardens

Chinese potted gardens, similar to the Japanese Bonsai, have been famous for many centuries and are often described as “soundless poetry” or “living sculpture”. In a pot no larger than a wash basin, craftsmen create a miniature natural scene using stunted trees and plants, and rocks. Potted Gardens is an unfolding book of authentic paper cuts from china. Paper cutting is a very distinctive Chinese folk art. The main cutting tools are scissors or an engraving knife used on very thin rice paper. Skilled crafts people are remarkably good at cutting the themes of daily life. It is easy to learn paper cutting, but very difficult to master. The book is 4.5” x 4.25” and comes with a matching clamshell case. Edition of 10.