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Mystical Places Press publishes limited edition and one of a kind, handcrafted artist books using photography, handmade papers, intriguing structures. Makes Miniature and regular sized books about places and subjects of nature.

Promoting Book Works by Professional Book Artists

Artist Book News
Spring 2007 (PDF)

Next Issue - Fall 2007

To build artists name recognition. To sell books. To gain exposure with known buyers. This commercially printed color newsletter was created to target an international market niche that many book artists find difficult and very expensive to reach. Yet it is a very lucrative market of educated buyers of the book arts. The target market includes public and private artist books and special collections, in public, museum, college, and university libraries. While most of the mailings are in the US, there are a growing number to Canada, and other counties such as the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Belgian and South Africa.

This newsletter gives the book artist a way to present their work and their name to these buyers. And it gives the librarians a fresh look at what is happening in the book arts world and who the players are. This marketing piece is designed to promote the work of the included artists, it is also designed to be to be saved as a valuable reference and resource. Published Spring and Fall, this is a high quality printed newsletter is free to the target market.

What is expected of the artists:
The work should be well constructed and professionally presented. All sales, invoicing and shipping is between the artist and buyer.

What artists need to submit:
A photo(s), more than one gives me better design options and is greatly appreciated, of ONE book, however you can include 2 views of the book, as an example see "The House That Jack Built" on the front page in the May 06 issue. The photos should be a minimum of 300 ppi at an approximate size of 4x5" in a jpeg, tiff or Photoshop file. Send in email (sometimes very big files don't come through) or on a CD. Or you can purchase a double space to allow for larger photos and more text as in "Integration of Structure and Content" in Spring 07 issue. Or to show a different book.

The text for the book should be a bit more that just straight information. Write interesting text that so the reader can't wait to buy your book. And don't forget to write an eye catching headline. Use the past issues as a gauge as to how much to write. The text can be within an email or an attached .txt or .doc file. The less text, the bigger the photo and vice versa. You will have the opportunity to proof the issue and make corrections and minor text changes. Last minute changes involving major layout changes will incur an extra charge.

The Newsletter fee is only $225. This fee covers the design, production, printing, and the postage for the newsletters. You will get a few copies for your files. Additional copies may be purchased for a minimal charge of $20 per 100, plus $3.75 (US) postage. You might consider doing a mailing to your non librarian prospects. You may purchase a second or double space for $200, either for an additional book, or to hold more text and a lager image. An example of this is in the Fall 06 issue on the inside spread at the top. The book set "Nature's Details" takes up 2 spaces, or as in "Integration of Structure and Content" in Spring 07 issue.

Time Line:
• Reservations can be made now until August 15th or until the newsletter is full, the number of participants/ books is limited to 16 max, so don't procrastinate!
Payment in US funds will be due by August 15th, by check, money order or PayPal (add $7.00 for PayPal fee).
Photos and text will be due by September 1st. Mailing will be in October.
Mailing address for payment and CD's is:
Jill Timm
1400 Central Ave. #107
Wenatchee, WA 98801-1499 USA
Jill Timm --- jtimm(at)